Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meet My Cat. Live My Pain.

My cat has a problem. An addiction. She has bottomed out and now we must pick up the pieces. (Please note: Tasha's kitty litter is NOT in the bathroom. She has no reason to be there, only sad, sad needs.)


Mintzworks said...

why do you sound like an old jewish man?

And I think Tasha is just fine. Why are you constantly labelling her?!? You're giving her a complex.

If Tasha could talk, aren't you worried she might say "YOU. I learned it from YOU Dad!"

The Vermilion Sparrow said...

My cat also refuses to drink out of any still bowls of water, preferring the toilet or sink as sources of refreshment. I try to be understanding, but so far I'm not understanding enough to buy one of those cat water fountains. I suppose I might be if he started trying to drink out of the bathroom sink while I brush my teeth, but I have a drippy kitchen faucet to thank for the fact that he doesn't (and the cat hairs in said kitchen sink).