Saturday, February 26, 2011

What Might Have Been: Ted Forth as Charlie Sheen

Initially when Charlie Sheen's now infamous Thursday radio rant came to light I thought about putting his almost Joycean quotes into the mouth of my other favorite troubled character, Ted Forth. Then I thought when it comes to doing "Alternate Universe Ted" I better quite while I'm ahead. After all, my syndicate has always been great and clearly forgiving and just because they give me a foot does not mean I should then run 26.2 miles with it.

So here it is, the one example of a discarded hopeful meme--Ted Forth Quotes Charlie Sheen--that, frankly, would have been as niche as you could get.

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So Close...

Just one shy of breaking into the Top 10 Wordpress blogs, which would be great beacuse, get your pick of candy? Is that how these things work? Does Internet accomplishment taste like Zagnuts?

UPDATE: Broke into the Wordpress Top 10 Blogs, the joy over which is my sad way of realizing I really need validation where I can get it.

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Charlie Sheen Quotes Cats

Because turnaround is fair play...or some nonsense like that.

For more please go here.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hooray for There Clearly Being No Real News in the World Today!

And for those wondering, "But what about Libya?"--Libya happened yesterday. The same news doesn't happen two days in a row. God!

Check out Cats Quote Charlie Sheen. And the Washington Postt article here.

And a very big "THANK YOU!" to all who helped spread the word!

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Yes, Amazingly Enough They Still Make Candy Cigarettes

Today's Sally Forth:

Photo taken November, 2010:

For a little something extra on today's Sally Forth strip check this out.

Cats Quote Charlie Sheen

More at Medium Large.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monster Cereal Mash

When I was a kid I loved cereal. Not so much cereal as a food, mind you, though I did go through a phase in which I consumed "Cocoa Puffs," then "Cocoa Pebbles" and then no doubt "Malt Balls and Chocolate Espresso Beans in Hot Cocoa" had the immense sugar intake not caused be to start vibrating so violently I momentarily shifted into another dimension, which ultimately served as the basis for at least three Sid & Mart Krofft TV series.

No, mostly I loved cereal for the package design, a clear by product of having a graphic designer for a dad (though, oddly enough, my dad's other professional pursuit as pornography illustrator did not lead to a lifelong lover affair with hardcore nudity shot in poor light and set to a thumping bass line). I first fell in love with the classic UPA-style artwork prominently featured on cereal boxes from the 1960s, and then became fascinated with the very notion of cereal spokescharacters from the sublime to something that can only best be described as "Care Bears meet the baby from Eraserhead."

I often wondered what kind of person would pursue such a line of work. What would make someone want to dedicate their life to extolling the virtues of riboflavin and distilled monoglycerides? And. most importantly, how does one even score such a gig?

Alas, as the melding of mind with that of Sally Forth character Ted Forth continues unabated, my obsession with cereal spokescharacters has become Ted's fixation, resulting in today's strip (property of King Features Syndicate)...

Which, naturally, leads us to a further revelation about the "blue ghost one"...

And then, ultimately, into utterly regrettable marketing choices...

Please join me next time when I share the real-life background story to Ted Forth's all-too-consuming passion with Micronauts.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Ted Forth: In His Own Words

During the 13 years I’ve written Sally Forth–first with a cowriter I never actually met, then alone and now with a rabbit only I can see–some comic strip panels failed to reach your newspaper due to prudent editing on the part of my editors. And for reasons that I have yet to fully comprehend, all those edited panels prominently feature the title character’s husband, Ted Forth.

But for the first time I’m going to share those expurgated panels with you. Just visit Medium Large every day this week to see what could have been and what thankfully did not transpire.