Friday, June 29, 2012

Goodbye to "Francesco Explains It All," Hello to the New and Improved"Medium Large"!

As regular readers have known for a while but those who just came across this site for purposes of contact information or blackmail do not, the Francesco Explains It All blog is no more.

But as the old saying goes, "Whenever a door closes a window opens" (putting an unusually upbeat spin on the act of defenestration). In other words, all new (and classic) content can be found on my site, Medium Large.

Always expanding, constantly improving, occasionally testy during periods of high humidity, Medium Large is your place for comics, humor articles, several mentions of cats, and information about my new book I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats, published by Chronicle Books.

But just because this blog has ceased operation doesn't mean all the news was bad for the hundreds of employees I pretended worked for me. In fact, I convinced myself I gave huge departing bonuses to the entire staff I imagined I had, even that guy from my fake Accounts Payable department who I told everyone stabbed me because I didn't want to admit I really scarred myself by reaching for a boiling tea kettle too eagerly.

That aside, to everyone who regularly visited this site, I thank you very much. To everyone who now regularly visits Medium Large, I also thank you very much. And to everyone who stumbled upon this site because if you click enough links in a row you're bound to read everything on the net eventually, just note that you are probably only few more clicks away from discovering there actually exists a Perfect Strangers fan fiction site.

Sorry, I didn't mean to end this on such a horrifying note.

See you at Medium Large!

Friday, July 15, 2011

20 Harry Potter Movie Sequels

Just because there aren't any more "Harry Potter" books to film doesn't mean there can't be anymore "Harry Potter" films. Here are some posters for future Potter sequels and spin-offs that should make the studio and the fans very happy...or very, very concerned.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10 Tips For First Time Camp Counselors

From arts and crafts to allergies and concussions, now you can get all the tips you need to be a successful summer camp counselor right here!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

20 Rejected Birthday Cakes

To see all the examples of when cakes can be cruel (sounds like a 70's documentary series, such as "When Havoc Struck"), please go to

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8 Things That Should Be Made of Nerf

See all the new Nerf wonders right here!

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