Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Five Widely-Held Misconceptions about Portugal

Well, its' August, so once more I head off to the Mother Land...Well, my mother's land...Well...Oh, screw it. I'm going to spend a month on a Portuguese beach writing, jogging and tanning at a rate dermatologists officially refer to as "non-human."

But before I go I'd like to give you kind folks some pointers about a land few people know about outside of...uh...stuff. So here are Five Widely-Held Misconceptions about Portugal:

* The capital of Portugal is not "Like I could give a rat's ass what the capital of Portugal is."
* Not everyone in Portugal is a fisherman. Some are fisherwomen.
* Portugal was indeed once a superpower, ruling half the world...on paper...the Portuguese lost that paper...along with most of their wallets.
* Despite what analysts say, Portugal's current financial situation is no worse than when the nation was first founded under the belief that an entire economy could be supported solely by cork and cod.
* While the land is indeed still overrun by dragons, the great lizards' language in no way resembles Spanish.


Nil Zed said...

ooh, Portugal. I'd go there.

J. Daniel Gezelter said...

Cork. Cod. You forgot sweet wine.

Roto13 said...
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Roto13 said...

Portugese Portuguese sounds much, much worse than Brazilian Portuguese. That's all I know about Portugal.

panavia999 said...

I live in an area of California with many portuguese immigrants. When I think of things portuguese locally, it's cod, sausage and cheese. When I think of the country of Portugal, I think of the wonderful horses. And yes, cod.

Para a Posteridade e mais Além said...

well and five widely-held
misconceptions about america

not all the portuguese sperm gives birth to John dos Passos and John Philip Sousa
some gives Marciulano's a typical portuguese name like Francesco

Francisco is italian i s´pose

the great city of Marciulanos
near the Nile river
in Al-Gharb

and the big cod tree's
and the floating sea corks

CorK is in Ireland

and so Bitch Beach und Bad economy
you are talking of Portu-gall's
or California?

Para a Posteridade e mais Além said...

a american blog
no doubt

淑張福 said...

Para a Posteridade e mais Além said...

wonderful horses
or wonderful big mac's and cars

Francesco or Cisco kid have a little deficit in the explaining bussiness