Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comic Con Day One (Briefly in Pictures)

Chef Darth Vader with an Empire delicacy. When the attendee took off the mask it was not so much the touching reveal at the end of Return of the Jedi as the desperate gasp of air from a sweat-drenched man only moments away from heat stroke.

Out of all the movies previewed, featured or flogged to death at Comic Con Tron Legacy had by far the greatest presence. Not bad for a film franchise best known for willingly featuring Bruce Boxleitner twice.

An outburst of LARPing, short for "Live Action Role-Playing" for those in the know and "Seriously WTF" for everyone else.

This is either the manliest or most homoerotic photo I took at the convention. Either way I realized my Wii Fit has failed me.

The three major armor upgrades from the Iron Man film. I think Terence Howard was sealed up in one of them for $5 an hour.

Quite honestly the only positive aspect of the Green Hornet movie promotion.

Bumblebee from the Transformers movies. This one especially delighted little kids...and teenagers...and adults who should no better than to be delighted by anything from Michael Bay.

Tall Tale Radio's--and San Diego's--own Tom Racine, sporting the millinery must-have of Comic Con (second runner-up was a knitted winter cap from Firefly) A great big thanks to both Tom and his family for being so good to me during my visit!

What was either one man or five midgets combined in a Voltron outfit.

My good buddy, great comic editor and Comic Con roommate Brendan. When we arrived at our hotel suite Brendan called top bunk. Then I realized there was only one bed. Clearly I did not read my King Features contract carefully. (Actually, we stayed at a very lovely hotel that was too good for the likes of me, to which I owe Brendan a huge thank you!)

Numerous couples were dressed as Batman and Catwoman at Comic Con this year. Clearly for a lot of people these two characters are an ideal match. Clearly for a lot of people leather and cowls spell "healthy relationship."

The more cliche the Virgin Mary iconography the better the tacos in San Diego. In this one the Mother of Jesus is either being held aloft by a small child (abusive) or a rather strong midget (adorable!)

Bart Simpson...because it's Bart Simpson (at Bongo Comics booth).

The B.C. character wearing a cross at the National Cartoonist Society booth, both dismissing the very conceit of the comic strip as well as any thoughts that Johnny Hart could still not be batshit insane even in death.

He-Man is making a comeback. So is Dolph Lundgren. I'm just saying if there can be a sequel to Tron then clearly there can be a sequel that can once more piss on Frank Langella's otherwise stellar acting career.

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talltaleradio said...

What kind of goofball smiles while wearing a Galactus hat? I mean, he's the destroyer of worlds! He eats freakin' planets! Get into the part, man! :)

Had the best time with Ces...a gentleman and a scholar, and don't let him tell you otherwise!