Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heavy Mental

Recently I overheard the following exchange in a restaurant:

Woman: The brain is an amazing thing!
Man: I know! What with those neurons and all!

And you know what? The brain IS an amazing thing! But like all...uh...things, the brain needs to be regularly attended to if it's to remain in tip-top shape. That's why recently I've become fascinated with brian brain teasers as a means of sharpening my wits. Take this mental poser for example:

"A couple is brutally murdered in their car. We are talking horribly, gruesomely butchered here. Chest cavities ripped wide open. Heads lopped off with a jigsaw. Eyeballs plus optic nerves hanging from the rearview mirror like so many graduation tassels. Limbs severed and rearranged to spell out 'Ha Ha.' Just really, really sick stuff. But, oddly enough, there's no sign of forced entry. The doors are all still locked from the inside. The windows aren't smashed. The trunk not touched. Nothing. So how did the killer do it?"

The solution, it turns out, is "The couple was sitting in a convertible.” Unfortunately I was torn between “Something to do with the glove compartment” and “I thought jigsaw was some kind of puzzle.”

Clearly I have a long way to go to make the most of my brain-like thingy.


D.B. Echo said...

My solution was "The killer is still in the car!"

V said...

Couldn't the killer have just locked the doors on the way out? I'm pretty sure that's how car doors work.