Friday, August 15, 2008

Grazie! Obrigado! 당신을 감사하십시오!

Thanks again to all the people who read Medium Large (Tagline: "A Webcomic that Appears on the Internet") this week (with a very special ありがとう! to Mintzworks)!

And a great, big shout-out to all the following sites kind enough to link or mention the strip in the past seven days (sure, they regret it now but too late, it's already on the web)! They're written by good people--real salt-of-the earth types, no doubt--so please check them out:

Gonzo's Journalism
Carolyn Castiglia
Comics I Don't Understand
Passions and Loathings
The Chronicles of Mayhem
Negligent Monster
Kevin Donahue
The Ranting Place
A Descent into Dullness
The Art of Darkness
Kermit the Blog
Greg Sanders
After the Fall Watchers Community
Fourth Edition
The Heart of the Maze
Lady Ganesh


yellojkt said...

I think "moins drôle, je crois" says it all.

Anonymous said...

AW! A special 'thank you' in Japanese to me! And this during the Chinese Olympics.

Hey, your comic is 1/100th of a point better than ANYthing the Serbians are producing!!

Anonymous said...

Here's my treat back to you.

Dimestore Lipstick said...

Now that I've discovered Ted Forth has been feeding you comic ideas, I'm not sure I acan keep reading ML.