Friday, August 15, 2008

Books I Meant to Read This Summer

The 432,678 Habits of Highly Successful Obsessive-Compulsives

The Gospel According to Thundercats

Oh, the Places You Can’t Go since the Accident

It’s Not Slander if He Actually Is a Cretin: 101 Legal Tricks for the Self-Taught Lawyer

Portuguese People You Might Know

Can We Communicate with the Dead? No.

You’ll Never Be Famous, You’ll Never Be Rich, You’ll Never Have That Threesome: A Man’s Guide to Facing Facts

Harry Potter Meets the Groovy Ghoulies

The History of the Allen Wrench from the Ikea Bookshelf to the Ikea TV Swivel Stand

Winning Her over through Tears

“I Could Pee on That” and other Poems by Cats

Financial Freedom through Bar Bets

Stop Touching Yourself: The Teenager’s Guide to Revealing Way Too Much Information to an Online Bookseller or Borders Sales Clerk

Wicca: Your Last, Desperate Attempt in Believing that Some Greater Force Is Somehow Responsible for How Your Life Has Turned Out

Cracking Wise while Identifying the Body


Dvandom said...

"Sword of Omens, immanitze the eschaton!"

mjholt said...


Although you forgot this one
"I pee on the cat and other blogs by dogs"