Monday, July 28, 2008

My Week Drawing "Bizarro": Day One

Over the course of drawing this week's strips I gradually began to realize I compose comic panels like Kevin Smith composes film scenes: groups of two or three people talking, captured in a medium shot, ad infinitum.

So understanding that I in no way possess the artistic genius and eye for composition of Bizarro creator, good friend and all-around mensch Dan Piraro, I instead sought to compensate with a series of comics on psychoactive drugs, fundamentalism and transgender copyright infingement. I hope it proves to be a fun week for all.

As for today's strip, I'm glad I was finally able to put to use the many hours I spent skimming my roommate's DSM-IV while I was an unofficial student at Cornell Medical School (all made possible by dating a neurology student and somehow winding up with almost unlimited access to the school's library, computers and classrooms). Alas, I never was able to get into the anatomy lab, where two of my now-married best friends first locked eyes over the open corpse of an unclaimed hobo.

Frankly, if that doesn't say "the start of a beautiful relationship" then there may not be hope for any of us.

Please tune in tomorrow when my next Bizarro strip covers break-ins and the elementary school black market.

PS: When I called Mssr. Piraro last night to see how he enjoyed San Diego Comic Con, he was sitting on the front lawn of a Hollywood mansion after an all-star animal rights fete, somewhat inebriated on top-shelf Scotch and chatting with the niece of Dr. Jonas Salk (all the while trying to convince me she has polio). I was sitting on an Ikea couch yelling at Wordpress. Lesson: The famous really do live different than you and me...Well, definitely me...


Robert Gidley said...

No pie, firecracker or space alien? Are these (TM)(R)(c) of Sir P, that you aren't allowed to use them?

Good job with the joke, though--nicely surrealistic in a Bizarro kind of way! Hope this exposure adds to your legion of fans.

Unknown said...

Oh, how I've missed Medium Large Guy's patented look of wordless crumple-mouthed horror!

yellojkt said...

Someday you too will be a RockStar like Piraro. So far so good. And I have seen a fair amount of ML slipping into SF lately. Keep it up.

Rays profile said...

So...Medium Large as a one-panel? Does that make it Economy Size Medium Large?

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