Friday, July 15, 2011

20 Harry Potter Movie Sequels

Just because there aren't any more "Harry Potter" books to film doesn't mean there can't be anymore "Harry Potter" films. Here are some posters for future Potter sequels and spin-offs that should make the studio and the fans very happy...or very, very concerned.

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crf said...

Harry Potter just edged out homemade sheepskin condoms as the biggest mistake.

maddog said...

This comment is really about the Sally Forth comic published on December 31st, where Hilary gave Jon a CD of songs that she had copied, only some of which were songs that she had wrote.

I should warn you that Hilary is practicing music piracy as defined by the RIAA and could be fined thousands of dollars per song that she copied.

I am shocked that a comic strip of your prominence would encourage such a practice.

Rev. Jon A. Hall, Esq.

Unknown said...

Hi Francesco! I'm interested in using your poetry from "I Could Pee on This" for UIL Poetry contest at my school. Is there anyway I could contact you to receive more information?

Unknown said...

Harry Potter is my favorite movie.
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Barbara Nimmo said...

Your dedication to self-care and mindfulness truly shines through your words.

Barbara Nimmo said...
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Ashlee Rolfson said...

Thank you for sharing your enchanting ideas with us. Keep weaving those magical stories!

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