Thursday, January 13, 2011

"I Have a Bunch of Koreans Working in the Kitchen as We Speak": My Tall Tale Video Interview

If you ever wanted to see me fail at my childhood dream of being a Muppeteer, inadvertently sound like the entire Barone family and give an official coroner report on Boo-Berry, this would be the interview for you. Thank you very much to Tom Racine for the video and to my girlfriend for two of the three main props.


D.B. Echo said...

Excellent stuff! I did not realize Boo Berry was a scarce item - I'll have to grab some next time I see it. And I've only got about one serving left in my second (and last) box of Quisp, which I picked up back in October or November.

Ray Avito said...

This is a great, fun interview. You guys have got a head for some really random info!

Jon88 said...

Perhaps you could nudge Tom to update his iTunes connection. The last TT podcast available is #106 (yours is #109).