Thursday, June 17, 2010

Small-Town Newspaper Headlines

Ice Cream Man Abandons Truck, Dreams

When Push Came to Shove, Elderly Man Lost Footing

Well, Well, Look Who Got Himself a Toro

New Mascot Recalls School's Racist, Anti-Semitic Past

Mom Inspires Orphans to "Create" Family Trees

Quilting Spelling Bee Seeks Glory on All Fronts

Out with the Old: Veterans' Day Parade Happens

High School Valedictorian Ready to Leave


Anonymous said...

Um. Usually you make stuff up and it's hilarious, but I spent a fair part of my childhood in one of these here small towns, and you haven't made up a single one of these.

"Look who got a Toro" reminds me of when one of the farmers in Rochelle, Illinois was the FIRST to get him a yellow John Deere 4-cylindar tractor. Front page stuff, that...

Unknown said...

Had one recently in a 'big-town' newspaper. "Local Woman remembers 'Glee' creator from High School."