Thursday, April 8, 2010

Craptacular Chinese Fortune

"But if you're old and not much to look at--like you, happy customer--then you shall have all the wisdom necessary to recall 70's TV shows and R.E.M. B-sides for, alas, no real purpose."

Oh, and the Chinese word for "1,000" is "yi-qian."


The Grape Crusader said...

What a crappy fortune! Even adding "in bed" to the end doesn't save it. But still, things could be worse! You *could* have ended up with one of these instead:

Jeff K said...

The best Chinese fortune I ever got was: "You are going to have some new clothes". Not that you are going to BUY new clothes, but somehow magically acquire them. It has yet to come true.

And the best R.E.M. B-side was "Time After Time Etc. (Live)" where Michael Stipe starts singing acappella in the wrong key and Peter Buck has no idea how to accompany him.

Just found your blog, extremely funny stuff.