Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Burger King Wrapper Copy Revised

Over the past few years Burger King has managed to stand out from its rivals with a marketing campaign consisting of subservient chickens, a Michael Myers-reinterpretation of their own king character and a singular take on sandwich wrappers featuring such copy as:

The wrapper copy is clearly intended to enhance the overall fun and excitement of eating a Whopper, a Tendergrill or a breakfast sandwich one ingredient shy of being a buffet dinner. Only problem is, people are never at their best, never in the right frame of mind, when purchasing fast food. Unlike children, who equate visiting a place like Burger King with annexing DisneyWorld, adults see it as a more mundane, even depressing experience. It’s a place to go eat when you don’t have the time to eat or any good place to go. And so with that in mind allow me to share some revised Burger King wrapper copy that truly captures the their customers’ dining experience.