Friday, February 19, 2010

What Kind of Friend Are You?: A Short Quiz

When a friend says they need help moving, do you immediately note how the two of you have been drifting apart as of late?

If a friend confides in you something truly personal and highly embarrassing is your first thought, "Hello, blog entry!"

Should a friend request a small loan, do you discreetly bring up the issue of "usury fees"?

When a friend calls to say that their car broke down and they could really use a lift, do you politely remind them that you only have so many cell phone minutes available for out-of-network callers and it would be preferable if they called after 9 P.M.?

Do you think it’s best to have a lot of casual friends, a few really close friends or a nice, tasty sandwich?


Unknown said...

Personally, I am the guy who always has a spare buck or two, and is free to talk to in confidence... but you ask me to move, lift, or transport ANYTHING and I mysteriously have "prior arrangements."

Driving is a kind of horrible wasteland-esque middle ground.

zero hour said...

I'm currently enjoying a tasty tuna fish sandwich....
Does that answer it for ya....?