Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's a Personal Blog so Write Something Personal

Although I have been keeping this blog for almost two years it has become my understand that while I write a lot of nonsense on this site I tend rarely to share much in the way of personal information. This has been a calculated move to say the least, since I'm a private person by nature and have had some blowback from the few times I did reveal my life online (the result of circumstances, not of anyone's doing or intent).

But I am trying to change that, if only that I could greatly benefit from self-reflection at times, this being one of them. So without further ado here is some bullet point revelations about yours truly. Thanks for reading this far.

* I cannot swim.

* I learned to drive well after I grew up, meaning that when it comes to prowess behind the wheel I make Mr. Magoo look like A.J. Foyt.

* Although I received confirmation from the Catholic Church, I have never actually given confession. I also never attended any church classes between Communion and Confirmation, instead lying to sneak in the last year because all my friends were having their Bar Mitzvahs and I felt I was missing in on the fun.

* I can engender sympathy remarkably easily and fear I use that as a crutch.

* According to a few medical tests, I do not possess a sense of smell.

* As a child I was so overwhelmingly shy that a girl who I had shared several classes with from elementary through high school--and knew by name--approached me in the 12th grade and kindly asked if I had just transferred to her school distict.

* I did not have a girlfriend until sophomore year of college. She opted to keep her virginity.

* I write because although I am shy, I do crave great attention...just not always in person.

* As an English major I chose to challenge myself academically by taking Physics--not Oceonography--as my one science requirement, only to wind up with a D-, a grade that I could only achieve thanks to constant instruction from my roommate Drew.

* I'm developing on a kid's show that may have just landed a celebrity to voice a character.

* After a night of grain alcohol and rented outdoor hot tubs on my college campus I awoke to find myself in a piano room of the Music Building, naked (and alone), forcing me to run back to my dorm at 7:30 Sunday morning only to crash into a very nice girl from my floor, her Bible study group and her visiting mom.

• I lost count of just how many times I revised this list for both personal and professional reasons.


Naked Bunny with a Whip said...

I write because although I am shy, I do crave great attention...just not always in person.

Aww. I can relate to this. However, unlike you, I have no talent, so I am forced to use Second Life.

Eli Lansey said...

Assuming any of this is true, hooray for the physics course! As a physics major I took an English-for-majors course out of academic curiosity, but (until now) have never heard of the opposite.

Nicholas Condon said...

It's funny, but I find myself willing to believe everything on the list except the item that you don't have a sense of smell. I suspect that either makes this one bizarre fact true or everything else false.

Francesco Marciuliano said...

Alas, it's all true. I have a very minimal sense of smell but I do have a normal sense of taste, which is actually quite peculiar.

And yes, Eli, I did take a Physics course for my science requirement. It's the same logic that lead me to take a stagecraft course my final semester after I had completed my English major and was looking forward to a relaxing exit, only to spend every weekend and free hour building theater sets.

2fs said...

All is well - you didn't reveal the part about inventing the time machine and hanging out on the grassy knoll in Dallas in 1963.


2fs said...

As for revealing too much, you're safe: you omitted the item about inventing the time machine and then hanging out with a rifle on the grassy knoll in Dallas in 1963.


Unknown said...

You're right -- you can engender sympathy remarkably easily. :)

yellojkt said...

You are still fourteen items short of a Facebook meme.

Stuart A. said...

I can swim (just barely), but I never took the training wheels off my bicycle, so at least I can relate to that...

DEO said...

I learned to swim then promptly forgot.

I was able to swim fine by myself after taking private lessons but when it came to swimming in a public pool for advance swimming lessons I completely forgot everything I learned.

Later on I tried swimming again and just sort of float or sink and flail around.