Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Conversation with Mom

Note: The following conversation has been edited so as not to spoil the fun for loyal viewers of "Lost," both those up-to-date on the series and those who are currently seasons behind, like yours truly.

Mom and I talk on the phone.

Mom: Ces, I have a prediction about what's going to happen in the season finale of Lost...

Ces: Don't say anything, Mom!

Mom: Why not?

Ces: Because every time you say you have a "prediction" about what's going to happen on the show it turns out you either previously read some spoiler in a magazine or you just end up divulging waaaay to much about an epsiode I have yet to see.

Mom: Now that's not true...

Ces: Mom, last week you said you wanted to talk about the show. I said I didn't want to because I'm like two seasons episodes and didn't want anything revealed prematurely. You said you had no intention of revealing any such information. Then you proceed to tell me (Edit: major spolier).

Mom: But this is different! It hasn't happened yet. Plus, it's not a fact. It's a prediction.

Ces: Okay, Mom. What is it?

Mom makes a very, very detailed prediction about the season finale of Lost.

Ces: Wow, that's...that's really precise.

Mom: I just have this feeling.

Ces: I mean, that's really precise. And...and there hasn't been any set-up for it at all. How did you even come to that prediction?

Mom: Oh, I read about that part.

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