Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Medium Large: Making a Bold Bid for Fourth Place

Well, the voting for 2008 Weblog Award's Best Comic Strip is up and running and it's surely no one's surprise that Internet sensation and pop culture juggernaut Garfield Minus Garfield is in the lead by a large margin, followed by xkcd and Day by Day.

But what's this? As of this writing that woebegone street urchin of webcomics Medium Large is ahead of newspaper mainstay Dilbert by not only a handful of votes but almost a handful-and-a-half, putting it squarely in fourth place!

But there is still a week of voting to go and so much can happen in such a short time.

Now is a critical time in our history, people. Now is the time to overthrow the status quo, to topple long-held notions about what is fit for fourth place and what is suitable for fifth place in an online comic strip poll. Yes, this may be tough going for us all. We may regret the actions we take in the coming week. But such revolutions are almost always characterized by savagery and a drastic change to the power base, only to begat further violence and upheaval. Remember the Russian Revolution. Or the French Revolution. Ot that episode of the Smurfs when they overthrew Gargamel only to turn on each other and realize that 1) Smurfs turn into malt balls, not gold and 2) Harmony Smurf made Idi Amin look like Snuggles the Fabric Softener Bear by comparison. So much bloodshed. So many high-pitched screams. So many carcasses mistaken for crushed blueberries.

But still, there was victory to be had, no matter how fleeting. So please, go to the Best Comic Strip poll and vote for Medium Large once a day, every day, until January 13th! (Not only is such repetitive activity legal by Weblog Award rules but it's the perfect activity for your most dire obsessive compulsive needs!) And make sure to vote again and again for The Comic Curmudgeon for Best Humor Blog!

Be brave, my compatriots. Join us and create a brand new society with your votes. After all, "fear" is but a four-letter word but "comic" is five. Think about it.


Andy Jukes said...

I voted. Keep reminding me. I'm simple that way.

Sara Benincasa said...

This. Is Beautiful.

Jennifer said...

That's a pretty cool few seconds when the little bar graphs come to life and start eeking across the screen.

(My daughter is right now looking over my shoulder, saw Andy's avatar and said, "Patrick STAR??")

Evanjm02 said...

Surely you are unaware of Snuggles the Fabric Softener Bear's love of making snuff films that end in bloody orifices and auto erotic asphixiation, but I'll give you a pass since it's your anniversary. Congratzel Tov, btw!

D.B. Echo said...

Note to first-time voters: vote EARLY. The security thingamajig doesn't restrict you to voting once a DAY, it restricts you to voting once every 24 hours. So once you've voted, you cannot vote again for at least 24 hours. I cast my first votes last night sometime after 10:00, so I will now have to be voting later and later each night.

yellojkt said...

I've got as many browsers and IP addresses going as I can. I think your chances against ballot stuffing skilz of the more tech-savvy fans (read hopelessly dweeby Mom's-basement-dwelling geeks) of xkcd are pretty slim.

That is the sour grapes rationalization I'd be nursing for the next week or so.

How you lose to Garfield Without Garfield which is Jon Davis's artwork with some photoshop eraser applied is beyond my comprehension.

El Santo said...

xkcd is in the lead now, and I expect it to win. My fantasy webcomic league hinges on it!

Still, I gave you my vote, Ces. I may have showered you with faint praise, but it is still my favorite of the bunch. ;)

JaffeBlog said...

Didn't Joe Lieberman once use a tie for fourth place as evidence of his "Joementum"?

Applemask said...

It is imperative that ML beats Day by Day. That lump of crap doesn't even deserve mentioning in the same breath as anything else on the list, including Dilbert.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if you get fourth. With your track record, the third place finisher will drop out and you'll still make the 'Best Webcomic of 2008' Calendar.

Tony said...

I've voting for you because frankly I think your strip is better than the others.

And uh, not to slag anyone, because I do like Garfield Minus Garfield, but seriously that should be disqualified.