Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Most Important Election of Our Lives!


Unknown said...

I am not being even a little sarcastic when I say that my heart bled for that rabbit when I was a kid. I pestered my mother to allow me to eat an essentially all-Trix diet for weeks so that I could vote repeatedly to get him the Trix he so badly wanted. I seem to recall that my side won, which meant that he was allowed to eat a single, delicious spoonful of Trix before the cruel, racist "Trix is for kids" rule went back into effect.

If you think about it for a bit -- but not for too long -- this is actually a pretty good metaphor for democracy.

Unknown said...

This was the first time I voted, and I voted for him to get Trix. I felt I had done my civic duty.

I found the commercial for it on YouTube.


aaronthemad said...

I remember a similar campaign happening in the late 80s or early 90s. I think the premise then was that the Trix rabbit won a race where the prize was a bowl of Trix. Once the judges realized he was the rabbit, they were split on whether he should get the cereal or not, so they held a referendum of the country's Trix-eating children. The rabbit won that time as well. Unfortunately, my parents wouldn't buy me sugar cereals, so I was disenfranchised.