Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Fan Praises the New Sally Forth Story Line

From Comics Curmudgeon Comment Section:
There is no conversation more tiresome than middle aged, middle class people discussing their reproduction. Pretty soon, we will have to listen to Ted saying “We’re pregnant.” or he and Sally telling everyone at the table “We’re trying to get pregnant.”

Seriously, I would much rather hear what you paid for your house, how Jesus changed your life, what the doctor told you about the mole, anything but the angst and struggles of overprivileged pregnancy.

Mr. Marciuliano, I know you read here. Stop it, just stop it. Either she’s pregnant or find another story line, and not one about Ted’s mixed feelings on the subject.

So with the above laudatory note in mind, which plot should I write next?
A) Ted and Sally discuss how on earth they are going to make their house payments after Ted quits his job in tears when a coworker says he looks "hippy."
B) Wanting to give Hilary the moral underpinnings necessary for a good life, Ted and Sally revisit their old church only to find the sacred grove and horgr in disarray, the Volvas at odds with the godi and the god Freyr demanding fresh scacrifices in return for a mild winter.
C) Ted learns his new mole is actually his soul bubbling through his skin in an attempt to find a more suitable host body.


Robert Gidley said...

I'm liking (A), especially when Ted decides to take up stripping in a gay club to help make the mortgage payments. This could lead to a hilarious "Three's Company" style plotline where he has to pretend to be gay to keep his job.

Ha ha! This is easy! Anybody can write comics!

Yeesh. This guy needs to quit his day job and take up drinking.

Toonhead said...

I would go with (b)

Unknown said...

If you go with (B) I will give you my firstborn. (So I'm a big gay boy -- I'd find a way. Not that I'm sure what you would want it for.)

andys said...

B is best, but C would work. Although Sally getting knocked up, and then Ted figuring out he's gay and running off with a young go-go boy would be equally awesome.

yellojkt said...

I distinctly remember a "shall we have another kid?" storyline a few years back. Guess what? The answer was no back then too.

You could always have the Forths win the lottery and see how it affects their lives only to have them all realize it was just a dream.

D.B. Echo said...

How about E: Sally's mom returns for yet another visit and, in a move surprising to everyone, seduces Ted. Sally catches them in the act and is faced with the choice of estranging herself from her mother, or kicking out her husband. After much soul-searching she chooses Ted over the woman who bore her, who is exiled forever from their lives. But the bond of love and trust between Ted and Sally has been broken, never to be mended.

After this denoument we see Ted with a wry little half-smile as he settles down to watch his complete SeaLab 2021 DVD collection uninterrupted. Five minutes of unspeakable horror have freed him of both the spectre of his hated mother-in-law, and the threat of Sally ever wanting to have sex with him again.

Tony said...

I like C. Anything involving "bubbling" is good with me.

TimWB said...

F: Faye's mom kicks the bucket and the Forths take her in. What? It wasn't too predictable when Roseanne took in every stray in the neighborhood....

AE said...

C) sounds similar to the movie "How to Get Ahead in Advertising" ... and I'd love to see Ted grow a malevolent second head!

Gary S said...

Go with (B). There's nothing quite as spirited as a religious debate! I'd also go with andrea's storyline!

Genevieve said...

I vote for C. All the way.
Or Ted becomes a famous blogger and horrifies the world at large with his ability to over-share a la Emily Gould.

Anonymous said...

We HATE the current storyline but do like Ted and Sally.

We get so tired of every 40 something woman that just has to have more kids.

My wife fully agrees.

Get onto another story - if you can't think of one - get witty like pearls before swine - almost always cute and entertaining.

We don't want baby blues to have more kids - they have 3 and that is great - dagwood and blondie don't have more, foxtrot has the 3 and they didn't grow up and move away, Dennis the menace stays the same age as does family life or whatever that is called.

I know too many 40ish women thinking they need two or three more babies when they have two or three already - I wouldn't blame men for bailing out on them.

Sally Forth is cute but get off this line. Thanks


Pam said...

I for one (who has been reading Sally Forth for 20+ years) would LOVE it if they had a baby. It happened to Blondie & Dagwood and Charlie Brown's parents. And maybe Hillary could turn 11...