Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sally Forth: A.K.A Beatrix Kiddo

I just want to take this moment to draw attention to Sally's Kill Bill, Volume 1 attire, courtesy of the gurus of daily syndication coloring. Had I known this would occur I would have outfitted Sally with a Hanz┼Ź katana and upped the strip's death toll above its usual "zero."

Odder still is how the outfit recalled a certain dumbass remark I made on rec.arts.comic.strips almost four years ago. Spooky? Of course not. We're talking about a comic strip here. But that very remark serves as a special callback to me for what else it touts near the end.

Will be writing more soon!


Robert Gidley said...

Yay! Francesco's back!

Although I think Ted would look better in the Kill Bill jumpsuit.

D.B. Echo said...

Now where did Josh go? I went to check his site and it's not coming up! Did the Syndicate goons get to him?

Sara Benincasa said...

WHOA! This is so nutty! It's gonna be awesome when Sally really gives it to that Carradine fellow. Also, I wish you'd included the panel in which Sally convinces an assassin not to kill her immediately after discovering she's knocked up with Hillary.