Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just How Many 11-Year-Olds Would Cite a 22-Year-Old Movie?

Five or six years ago I attended a Halloween party dressed as good ol' Scott Howard, complete with wolfman costume and makeshift "Beavers" basketball jersey. Being that I'm on the average ten to 15 years older than the people I usually associate with (read into that, armchair psychologists), I fully expected a lot of head-scratching, uncomprehending stares and long-winded explanations on my part about the heyday of late-80's HBO afternoon programming. But much to my surprise and relief everyone got the costume immediately, some even inquiring as to the whereabouts of my enterprising friend Styles.

Hmm, perhaps given the cult status of Arrested Development and the resurgence of its main star this year I'll go as Teen Wolf Too. After all, who could possibly forget that absolutely hilarious scene when he, uh...umm...turns into a werewolf?


Unknown said...

I always wondered why turning into a werewolf made him better at basketball.

So-Called Austin Mayor said...

I have a deep fear that the internets will draw today's kids away from movies on basic cable and further undermine our shared pop culture.

Okay... its not a deep fear.


yellojkt said...

There is not a moment in recorded history when Teen Wolf or TW2 have not been on the cable line-up somewhere.

bissman07 said...

"Give me a keg of beer....please."
Thanks to you, that is going to be my one-liner this Halloween. So, how did you "create" the costume? Where did you find an old-school yellow and blue basketball uniform? Any tips you can provide will be helpful.