Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Table of Contents for "The Complete Norton Anthology of Emily Dickinson, Post-Zoloft Prescription"

I think I’ll have some chicken

Can't find my pillow's "cool spot"

This gum is kinda chewy

Hail is snow but not really

My vase water smells funky

Crayons could make nice candles

I don't know what this key's for

"Emily" starts with an "e"

Two cookies then back to work

Today I catalog spoons


Unknown said...

This is the work of a superior mind -- of a mind poised above its subject like a roc above an eagle's aerie which is in turn above a tortoise burrow/borough/ burro.

It is wise to read and cache this blog's entries because the CIA will not permit it to remain on air for long.


2fs said...

"Today I catalog spoons" - I remember that one!

Today I catalog spoons --
The round, ovoid, and flatly bent.
And then the forks shall tarry
To hear my cupboard's testament.

The knives - all dulled by busy
Friends with worried bonnet bees
-- will trouble me no longer --
Drone-layer queen apothec'ries!

Anonymous said...

hey Francesco. I have found this poems looking for inspirations to the lyrisc for my new song (I have a band and working on our new album) and this one is brilliant and fits for the song perfectly. Can I use it with the indication that you are the author of this poem of course? Best Regards, Artur