Sunday, January 18, 2009

Frank Capra Knew in 1958 What George Bush Refused to Acknowledge in 2008


Stenotrophomonas said...

So all a molten icecap would do is flood out some red states? What's wrong with that?

Brian Smith said...

Speaking as an Arkansan ("Constitutionally OK With Desegregation Since 1990") I can tell you that if we red states are flooded, we're not going to just stay there and drown. Oh no. We're going to come to YOUR state. We're going to open bait shops and talk about duck hunting and get Larry the Cable Guy routines on the radio.

And we'll need a place to live, and we'll say, "We're defending this country, so you better let us stay in your house," and you'll be all, "The Third Amendment says I don't have to quarter you," and we'll be all, "The Second Amendment's about to make the Third Amendment crap its pants." Then we'll pull out our hunting rifle (which we call "Charlene") and force you to let us move in. You'd better learn to like venison jerky, cause we're gonna be skinnin' some deer in the garage.

Still OK with global warming?

Stenotrophomonas said...

I'm in Texas - I'll be swimming right behind you.
What I found amusing about that clip is that the SE U.S. gets inundated while Cuba and the Mexican Gulf Coast- not to mention places like the future Bangladesh, big chunks of Africa, Europe, most islands, etc., etc., are too insignificant to be mentioned.