Friday, August 8, 2008

Thank You for Making Medium Large the 12,674,285th Most Popular Webcomic!

Seriously, a big "Thank you!" to everyone who read Medium Large this week and much gratitude to the following sites, blog and livejournals kind enough to link or feature it in the past seven days. You are all in my heart, which is why it is now dangerously enlarged and I'm on the verge of dropping dead from ventricular hypertrophy:

Five Tool Tool
Quand Meme Content
Riba Rambles
Bizarro Blog
Morgan Minstrel
Negligent Monster
Deeper in the Game
Psych Ward Comics
Mike Barklage
Animation Republic
Adam Lindsay
Antaeus Feldspar
Chemical Ike
Blog of Stench
Flack and Proud

1 comment:

DMtShooter said...

My only hope is that the Five Tool Tool bump hasn't gone to your head... in that empty air inside a head is usually fatal.