Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update on the Little Book That Isn't (Now Updated!)

Yes, the little book that isn't is now the talk of the Internet! (Well, the part of the Internet that's usually vacant or used for temporary storage during moves.) Why, just look at these sample pull quotes!

"A breathtaking work of profound academic value..."

"...At just 3 words a page, this tome elicited from me both diarrheatic and arthritic unstoppable miasma, truly spreading into my soul like cancerous stem cells..."

"Perhaps this is meant to be a probing psychological study of a damaged individual, but Ted Forth's rampant psychosis is an unpleasant read at best..."

"...This beautifully crafted piece of metafiction is a wonder to behold, and most definitely does not exist."

"The minute you read that the source for a book of eighteen pages is going to be wikipedia, you know in your bones just what a work of quality it must be that you're going to hold!"

"It was much better than "Cats: Andrew Lloyd Webber, T. S. Eliot, Old Deuteronomy."

"Only a dedicated and seasoned mountebank could achieve this level of guilefulness with such apparent impudence."

That's right! Over six customer reviews are coming in with no end in sight! (That is if you keep in mind time itself is without conclusion.) Read for yourself what these informed, insightful, insane critics are saying about the one Sally Forth collection to be inexplicably made available but not actually exist!

Make sure your voice is heard--add your review today!

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Andrew Bellware said...

John Scalzi over at Whatever has some explanation of these books: