Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Never Before Has the Word "Douchebag" Been Said So Eloquently and Significantly


D.B. Echo said...

George Takei always made me feel kinda funny when he ripped off his shirt in "The Naked Time."

I must object to Mr. Takei's choice of words, however. As was recently pointed out to me, douchebags are at least useful for something. This redneck is a waste of carbon.

WLS said...

Way to go, George!

andys said...

I think he should hold an auction for the Trevor Project, where the prize is him calling you a douchebag on the internet. I would bid on that auction. Everything he says has such profound gravitas.

But D.B. Echo is right. This guy is somehow less than a douchebag. Perhaps he's e. coli.