Monday, August 4, 2008

You Say You're Gonna Leave, Gonna Take That Big White Bird, Gonna Fly Right Out of Here...Eventually

As of this moment my girlfriend has been trapped inside Los Angeles International Airport for close to ten hours with several more to go. Please show her that there is indeed a world outside the American Airlines Terminal by reading her liveblogging of her interminable ordeal and leaving an encouraging comment or twelve. Thanks!


Sara Benincasa said...

Thanks, Ces. I appreciate it. Shout out to Marsh! Those comments really do cheer you up.

If I die in a plane crash once I actually get out of here, please pour some airport Merlot out on my grave.

Kaitlyn said...

You know what's fun? Getting to the airport at 6 or 5 or some hour before the sun, going through security so you're all alone, and then you find out that your plane will be late.

Because they were in New York the night before, and so was Bush. So they were delayed.

So your connection is moved.

And it's SEPTEMBER ELEVENTH so you hear the same shit on all the TVs in both airports.

At least I left the first airport within 12 hours.

Your poor girlfriend. First, she dates you. Now this.