Friday, August 1, 2008


Just wanted to say thank you so much for making the first week of Medium Large's comeback not only a success but an absolute blast to do (helping the site climb as high as #23 on Wordpress's Top 100 blogs before it descended back down to far more appropriate levels). And none of it would have been possible without the kind words, support and posts from the following great sites, blogs and livejournals (please check 'em out!):

Comics Curmudgeon
Bizarro Blog
Daily Cartoonist
Tall Tale Features
Uncertain Principles
Joe and Monkey
Pop Culture Comics
The Disney Blog
Slash Film
The Master Cheesemakers of Wisconsin
Ziggy Liberated
Movin' Meat
The Webcomic List
Pharmaceutical Diaries
Jockey Full of Bourbon
Crushy Yiff Destory
Pickle in the Piedmont
Kermit the Blog
Darklore Circus
Buy n Large Livejournal
Tact Is For Those Not Clever Enough to Be Witty
The Thing of It Is...
A-Trill Livejournal
Liner Notes
Palantir Hatchery
Snappy Patter

You've all encouraged me to keep it going and finally put together the first collection of Medium Large strips (featuring numerous never-before posted strips and no doubt a long apology for such). With any luck it should be in your $1 remainder bin in time for the holidays (by which I mean Labor Day).

Thank you again, guys!



Andrea said...

AWESOME! Printed Medium Large?! I can't wait! :D

Enna said...

Hey! You deserve all the readership because it's a GREAT COMIC you have!

Thanks for the link-back!

Carl said...

Thank you, Ces. Turning out all this great work unpaid, and you're thanking your readers?

Robert said...

Cool on the Medium Large collection! I look forward to seeing ordering information soon!

Also, you sure lit up Piraro's blog during your week of subbing. He usually gets a couple of comments per posting, but this last week he's been pegging 25 and 30 comments per day.

Maybe if Dan subbed on Sally Forth for a week, you'd get more viewers!