Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday Horoscope

From Rob Brezsney's Free Will

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): When British rock legend David Bowie came to America for his first tour in 1973, he said he felt like a fly in a glass of milk. He was half-drowning in a flood of interesting new sensations and perceptions, while at the same time he was greedily drinking it all in, stoked with fascinated joy. According to my astrological projections, Leo, you're in that fly-in-the-milk state yourself, or will soon be.

Short story: I'm going to wind up a sated, bloated corpse.


yellojkt said...

Happy Birthday, Ces! It's all downhill after forty so enjoy the ride.

Francesco Marciuliano said...

Ha! Thanks!

mintzworks said...

I shoulda guessed you were a fantastic Leo.

My bday is next week.

happy Day to you!

Francesco Marciuliano said...

Happy early birthday to a fellow Leo, Stephen/Mintz!