Monday, July 7, 2008

My Interview with Sequential Tart

Or as it should have been titled, A Very Nice Person Interviews a Raving Idiot.

I want to thank the lovely Rachel Edidin of Sequential Tart for her interest, her thoughtful questions and her unending patience with both my propensity for inane tangents and just how long it often took me to respond to her queries.

For those interested in how Sally Forth relates to French literature and British espionage, please read the interview here.

And make sure to check out the Sequential Tart site, a fantastic weekly webzine about comic art (graphic novels, webcomics and the daily strips), writing, reviews, interviews and everything for anyone who knows that there's absolutely nothing geeky in being a geek.

As for the above photo, I didn't quite know what picture to include with this post. So I opted for the pic that would have served as my Christmas card last year had I actually gotten around to sending out Christmas cards. The caption was to read, "Oh God...the the bed...she's not asleep, is she?"


Rachel said...

You should've given us that photo to run with the article!

mintzworks said...

Love the interview. Surprised you're not more of a Doonesbury fan, but then I read your take on characters all speaking the one author's voice, and realized just then that's exactly what Trudeau does.

It's quite fun to get to know you and feel like we're best-good friends without ever having met you in any way, shape, or form. Sorta like how it was when I was watching West Wing, and really would dream about those characters as my co-horts.

No worries, tho, I only dream about you as the boyfriend of SaraB, a fuzzy image constantly watching over to ensure my fantasies don't get carried away.