Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Feel-Good Video of the Day

Given the location footage it's probably best to go here and select "watch in high quality."

You can also read The New York Times article about the video here.


D.B. Echo said...

Holy shit.

You know, I've seen this guy here and there on Good Morning America, the Weezer video, and elsewhere, but I've never watched the video before.

My first thought was, "What an idiot." My second thought was, "What a rich idiot - or what an idiot with a huge expense account."

My third thought was, "This planet needs more dancing idiots." If one person can have that sort of effect on people, we need a lot more ambassadors like that.

mintzworks said...

and here's your next feel-good video...please post! Or not.


Standard Deviations said...

Actually, for those of you reading the archives, Matt isn't rich at all. He's posted some fascinating descriptions of how he pulled that off on a shoestring budget.