Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Nickname's True Meaning (According to Urban Dictionary)

1. CES
Close Eye Syndrome:
This strange physiologic feature/disorder, was first diagnosed in 1997 in York, Pennsylvania, by a college student who was not from the region. CES is increasingly common in the Pennsylvania/Maryland area, however, it can appear anywhere else where people do not have enough ocular separation. The symptoms include two very proximate eyes that appear to grow closer together over time. The unlucky carrier of CES does not know they have it, and while not in any way cross-eyed, they look like a fool. It is possibly more prominent in women than men.
Ryan: Dude, did you hear, Melissa got a nose job?
Steven: Why, she has CES, she should've gotten her eyes separated.
Ryan: CES?
Steven: You know, Close Eye Syndrome. She looks like a damn cyclops

2. CES
Stands for "Crazy European Sex"
Ready for some CES, baby?

There are also plenty of definitions for Francesco, some flattering, some not and some, well, prehistoric.

So what does your name mean according to Urban Dictionary?


So-Called Austin Mayor said...

I always presumed that CES had the second meaning.

so-called "Austin Mayor"

Nom du Jour said...


I thought for years my "friends" had come up with a clever, unique nick-name for me. After looking it up in the urban dictionary that CES so kindly posted a link to. . . sigh. . .

I cannot wait until I go the next reunion and ... and ... and....

Well, I am going to do something.

Being middle aged, I probably will tell them that the salsa is mild when I know it is hot.

bwaaaaa haaa haaa haaaaa

I am such a Ted Forth.

Nom du Jour said...

And no, my nick-name was not nom du jour.

It was ....

oh nevermind, I am so ashamed.

Andrea said...

So it says my nickname, Andy, means I'm a well endowed man. I never knew this! I wonder why I've thought I was a woman all these years ...

Jodi said...

11 up, 24 down
Jodi a very common tearm prison inmates use to describe the man who's fucking their/ another inmates girlfriend or wife while they're locked up.
1. Shit, I just got a letter from my friend who says he saw my girlfriend with another dude. That bitch got a bad case of Jodi Syndrome

2. inmate1: Damn, my wife still is'nt picking up the phone where the fuck could she be?
inmate2: She's probably out with Jodi

Oh dear.

charliem123 said...

So very true:

Someone who is extremely frustrating at times, and always denies it when he learns someone thinks he is attractive. He is loved by all simply because hes charlie.

I'm soooo Charlie (also I am cocaine, an enemy of war and the man)

Tony said...

Top result for Tony:
Synonym for the word “meathead.” Describes any muscular guy (or a jit who thinks he is) huge and only likes to look at his muscles in the mirror, drink protein shakes, and lift more than he can handle. Has trouble turning his thoughts into words. Found wearing sleeveless shirts or really tight ones. Carry around a gallon jug of water at the gym and have the mental capacity of a dead squirrel.

This is more or less what my high school friends and I used to call a "Bruce".

Also apparently "Tony" is a slur against Mexicans, involving penis size, but that sounds like it was made up to insult some specific person.

Robert said...

Well, I was feeling pretty good about "Robert" (not, technically, a nickname, but an actual name) when I saw this:

Robert, a man's man with a very large penis who is an extremely generous lover.

But then I just had to scroll down and see this:

a rare kind of clown porn available only in Gaelic. now illegal in 129 countries (including Russia), it is the most dangerous porn to shoot on account of Interpol constantly cracking down on the underground rings.

Well, at least it's rare. *sigh*

Risha said...

Urban Dictionary seems a little conflicted. Apparently I am BOTH indiaz hottest woman, and a big man dressed as a woman.