Friday, May 30, 2008

One Reader's Pithy Email Response to the Forths Considering Having a Second Child

World population 6.6 billion.

Yes, because if there's one thing that's going to tip the scales to an unwieldy carrying capacity, depleted resources, unstable economic systems and environmental degradation it's an imaginary child.


yellojkt said...

Just learn to stick to the safe topics. Like sick cats.

mintzworks said...

I just worked a gig for the new Discovery Green Channel, with this uber-hottie named (seriously) Summer Rayne.

I asked her, as spokesperson for the new young green movement, what was the number one thing we could do to live greener and reduce carbon footprints.

Without hesitation, she said 'Stop having children.'


Sally Forth is the cause of Global Warming.

RogueKat said...

What I don't think you've touched on yet is the fact that *if* she has a second child, she will have to take leave for a certain amount of time. Can Sally really let Ralph win like that?

You know he will take advantage to her absence.

D.B. Echo said...

It is not enough to simply stop having children. To really reduce the impact humans are having on the planet, we need to take down their numbers by a factor of ten or so.

Let's see Ted get to work on that!

D.B. Echo said...

I mean number of humans, not number of children. Though Ted could include humans of all ages in his homicidal spree, if that will make people happy.

Withyouinrockland said...

I've sometimes wondered if anyone would notice if some of the really old comics took a sudden and gruesome turn. Beetle Bailey goes Apocalypse Now. Hagar the Horrible subjects some English peasant to the Viking Blood Angel. I guess that's part of the reason for Medium Large.

Then again, reading a few recent Gasoline Alleys, my question is answered for me.

Woodrowfan said...
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Woodrowfan said...

Ah jeeze, SF isn't going to morph in Baby Blues is it? I mean, I like BB, but we don't need another one. Can't they adopt Faye??