Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Forth By Any Other Name

With the Forths inching ever so closer to trying to conceive a brother or sister for Hilary, Ted has compiled a short list of names he believes most suitable for the new offspring. Which do you think should make the cut?

1. Steve Austin
2. Dynagirl
3. Yakko
4. Dastardly
5. Jean LaFoote or "Soggies"
6. Baron Karza
7. Farrah
8. Cheetara
9. Adora
10. Zaxxon
11. Smurfette
12. Rio
13. Wham-O
14. Mr. Bubble
15. Frito Bandito
16. Quisp and Quake (twins)
17. Chumley
18. Razzle
19. Goofy Grape
20. Bleep


Kedamono said...

Here's my pick of names:

1. Steve Austin
5. Jean LaFoote or "Soggies"
7. Farrah
8. Cheetara
9. Adora
10. Zaxxon
12. Rio
16. Quisp and Quake (twins)
17. Chumley

My own nominations are:

21. Trixie
22. Kei and Yuri (Twin girls)
23. Rama
24. Penelope Pitstop
25. Morticia
26. Pugsley
27. Will Robinson
28. Betty Boop
29. Barbara Ann (Babs)
30. Mary Ann

jfruh said...

Shouldn't Ted's twitter blog just say "AAAAAHHHHHHH" right about now?

Linda said...

Razzle for a boy and Steve Austin for a girl. I'm really hoping this story concludes with Hillary putting the kibosh on baby plans by reminding them of that cat they forgot about for three weeks.

Nom du Jour said...

If it is a girl, wouldn't you go for Bill?

I mean Barack would just be too trendy a girl name.

john said...

Phoenix Rockwolf (girl)

Matt said...

Baron Karza?

You, sir, are full of win.

ParallaxG said...

I think Yakko for a boy and Cheetara for a girl.

I also propose another name for ths list, Spew.

D.B. Echo said...

There is no way to choose. All of these are supremely excellent names. Let's hope Ted has a d20 handy!

Jodi said...

It's a boy he should name it Thunderclese. If it's a girl - Jodi. Of course. duh.

pla said...

I vote for #17, but only if they go for the proper spelling (Cholmondeley).

yellojkt said...

And what is wrong with Optimus Prime?

Bonnach said...

My suggestions,
for a boy:
Dino Jerry (or just D.J.)

for a girl:
Mandy (cuz she's a fine girl)
Ethel Mertz Forth (cuz it's unpronouncable)