Wednesday, April 23, 2008

After All, Remember What a New Hairdo Did for "Felicity"...



Craig and I read your emails. We received the complaints. We heard your question, posed over many years, loud and clear: "Why can't Hilary lose the pigtails?"

And now she has. For good.

She may have also gotten a tattoo, but that isn't as evident.

Now we can all go back to questioning Ted's machismo.

Oh, and if you did send the artist an email asking him to change Hil's hairstyle, send him another one thanking Mr. MacIntosh for listening. He'd appreciate that.


Alex said...

I realize that this may be a lot to ask, but that hairdo is almost worse than the previous one. How about a hair style that doesn't look like she is wearing a mop on her head? She is a girl after all, imagine the emotional scarring she will have to deal with, growing up with a stained mop atop her noggin.

The horror, the unmitigated horror.

Sara Benincasa said...

Wowza! Hillary's gone 1960s mod cute, except with long hair with those bangs instead of a pixie cut.

I actually like it.

Kaitlyn said...

Alex - her hairdo is better than April Patterson's. It's alive!

Dave Brown said...

Hil looks so cute in panel 2 of the new-hairdo strip. I approve heartily.

yellojkt said...

But she's had the belly ring for quite some time. Part of that sleepover when her and Faye broke into Ted's Boone's Farm collection.