Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not Exactly a Consensus

To Whom It May Concern:

Please STOP already! I've had enough of the "I HATE MY MOTHER!" comic strips lately. Move on! What an absolutely DEPRESSING comic strip that I will now stop reading. When my local newspaper has another "Vote for a comic strip to be removed", yours will be on the top of my list!!!!

I've read more uplifting obituaries!!!!

A former fan!


I am so glad that the Sally Forth strip (Francesco Marciuliano) is dealing with the touchy issue of emotionally abusive mothers! While the strip is, of course, fiction, the artist couldn't have written it without personal experience, direct or indirect. It does help to think that someone else out there goes through the same thing and can understand. Thanks a lot!

Faithful Reader

Subject: Sally Forth

I've just about had it with Sally's mother. She's obnoxious and the pace of the cartoon leaves me with a character I can't stand. PLEASE wrap this up!!!!!!!!!!

(Name Removed)


I love you — but don't worry, I'm not stalking (I'm 76 and a happy grandma). I'm also a writer of books on language and Northwest history, an editor, a book publisher, a teacher of writing, and presenter of adult workshops in self-empowerment.

What I love is your column Sally Forth. I totally agree with the comment about putting this and the other work (Ted's employment problem and Hillary's social relationships) into a book.

In a class yesterday, I suggested to a woman of the "sandwich generation" that she check out your comic strip of the last few weeks, regarding Sally's mother. My student had exactly the same problem and I wanted her to know she was not alone. However, the strip only goes up to October 7. Is there somewhere she can see the strips of the last few weeks?

(Name Removed)

Sally Forth Comic:

Please get the mother out of the house already! The most annoying character I have seen. Any mental health professional would tell Sally & family to stay as far away from this shrew as possible. Throw her under the next bus. Thanks for letting me vent.

(Name Removed)

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Paul R said...

To be fair, "Heart of the City" is currently running a Kristallnacht storyline. So while the Sally's mom stuff may be *somewhat* depressing, there's clearly a long way to go.

I'm voting: Ted develops that disorder where you desperately want to cut off your own limbs.