Thursday, July 5, 2007

No Whammy!

Last Saturday the following Sally Forth strip ran:

Today I received the following from The Game Show Network along with a very nice, handwritten "Thank You" note:

It's a game show buzzer (A GAME SHOW BUZZER!) complete with three sounds: "Wrong Answer," "Correct Answer" and--most important of all--"Applause."

Never again shall I spend another day without audience adulation.


Josh said...

Kudos for the Game Shown Network for embracing its status as entertainment for unemployed, unshaven layabouts!

And Kudos to Ces for the new blog! I shall link to you post-haste.


DSK said...

Clearly Ted's gameshow-watching will develop skills that will save him from endless unemployment. I think the Sally Forth universe's version of The Price is Right has just found its next host...