Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tall Tale Radio: My Interview Ostensibly about ComicCon

The podcast's official description:

"The NYC Comic Con ran from February 5th through the 8th, and I got some fun interviews with a couple of good buddies. First off is Francesco Marcuiliano of “Sally Forth” and “Medium Large” fame who worked the Comics Legal Defense Fund table at the ‘Con, out there on the front lines of protecting your First Amendment rights. As usual when I talk to Ces, we are all over the map, but we do get to some good Con-related news here and there."

So if you have a moment please listen here and decide for yourself if my rambling is almost Joycean in its rich stream-of-conscious, associative musings or simply akin to the mental raw feed of a five-year-old after his third bowl of Cookie Crisp.

And make sure to check out the great, mellifluous Tom Racine's other interviews here!

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