Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes We Might!

Almost five years ago I had a dream...and quite frankly, it scared the living hell out of me. In the dream I was being chased by a bear and the faster I tried to run the slower I moved. Then suddenly I wound up in Mr. Penino's AP History class only to realize it was the day of the big test, all the questions were written in tiny print on a blackboard three miles away, I hadn't studied all year and I was completely naked. Soon every student carried a much bigger sword than me, I was the only one who couldn’t fly, a large hammer kept pounding a rubber spike into the ground but couldn't break the dirt, a train failed to get through a tunnel and a volcano prematurely exploded, leaving me both utterly ashamed and yet completely relaxed.

I also had another dream, minus the Freudian imagery so obvious that my cat was laughing at me. And that dream was to one day see my webcomic Medium Large achieve third place in the 2008 Weblog Awards' Best Comic Strip category. And as of this writing on the final day of voting that dream seems close to becoming a reality, courtesy of your unwavering support and unending ballot stuffing.

And to thank you for voting for me I now present your official web badge (in two handy-dandy-pointless sizes). Now--and forever-- you can show on your site, your arm or in the inside of your wastebasket (should you you take the time to print it and then throw it out) that you made a difference in this most important of elections:

But don't think I left out those who chose to cast their ballots elsewhere. You were just as an important part of this history-making poll as those who elected to vote for my webcomic. And so to you, too, I present your very own badges so that you may proudly show your true stance:

Thank you again for all your votes. With less than two hours until the polls close I can stand before you and say, "Yes we might! Yes we may just might!"


JPB said...

(8:D) <---cheering monkeh

D.B. Echo said...


Now, Ces, you may have a little 'splainin to do...

Andrew Leal says:

January 13th, 2009 at 7:47 pm
Err, wow. The Seattle Times has a glitch which gives credit for Shoe’s gags to “Francesco Marciuliano”:

Josh, you might want to inform Ces about this. I wonder if this could be grounds for a libel suit or at least defamation of character.

By Francesco Marciuliano; drawn by Craig Macintosh

Carl said...

Hey, you can tell people truthfully that your comic beat Dilbert in a popularity contest.


yellojkt said...

Nobody should be ashamed of Bronze. Congrats.