Monday, September 22, 2008

Please Hold for a Special Announcement

First, thank you to everyone who watched What Is Comedy?, helping it achieve almost a whopping 370,000 views in four days. I say "almost," and not "exactly" or "over" 370,000, meaning the enterprise has been a total failure on my part. I'd also like to give a special thanks to the commentator who raved, "That was good. Not great, but good."

Okay, on to the subject at hand. The Medium Large site will always first and foremost be about the the eponymous comic strip. But I'm also expending it to be a full-service, bloated fiasco of a humor hub (since such has always been a dream of mine, beginning when I was nine and had no idea there was an Internet and believed computers would employ simply mathematics to take over the world, much as they did in Colossus: The Forbin Project). New additions such as The Catalog of Unfit Toys and Conversations with Dad have joined ranks with such long-standing (if one could call "a month or so" long-standing) sections as The Sarah Palin Vlogs and Comic Strip Writing 101. In time I hope to redesign the site to better accommodate all such features as well as this blog and a store, featuring the first book collection of Medium Large (tentatively titled, Absalom, Absalom! or On the Origin of Species). Of course, if any of you have ideas on how to go about making such changes to the site--or wish to offer suggestions--by all means please do so. I would greatly appreciate it!

We are Francesco Marciuliano and TODD and we approve this message.


Matthew Wilkens said...

Just one suggestion, since Medium Large already makes my life better in every way. Can we have an RSS feed? Pretty please? How else will I know when to scurry over for hot, fresh entertainment? Thanks!

Carl said...

There already is an ML feed, matthew.

Matthew Wilkens said...

Hmm ... sure enough, there is. Strange that it didn't show up in Firefox's address bar. But I now see that there's a link to it in the right-side nav bar. Thanks for the tip.