Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Listen, Sal, Murderers Rarely Return to the Scene of the Crime. So Think How Many Psychopaths Won't Return to a House Where 12 People Were Killed!"

I like how reasonable Ted is being in this scenario. After all, there is a rather distinct difference between 12 former residents being killed by homicidal phantoms and 12 former residents dying from simple lethal mishaps. Spirits, sure, you might lose some sleep or you might find your daughter now has an imaginary demonic pig-friend named "Jodie" but outside of a complete structural implosion or encroaching topiary animals you're probably looking at nominal to nil cosmetic damage and upkeep costs. Whereas death by accident almost certainly means the steps on the stairs are loose or the floor is completely warped or the load-bearing wall is made up entirely of graham crackers and thus prone to ill-timed cave-ins and one can only imagine how much that's gonna cost you to bring the house up to code or a safe standard of living or superficial stability in time for a quick resale and speedy getaway.

I also like how I did a family strip about mass murder.


Kaitlyn said...

It's a rough estimate! What, did some die on the porch?

Sara Benincasa said...

Oh Ces. When will you stop trying to blatantly pander to the mass-murderer population? God, you're so craven.

yellojkt said...

"Your cartoon replacement is either not funny or over my head...come back soon dan”

Open Letter To Piraro Blog Commenter:

Why does it have to be either/or?