Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm Filling in on "Bizarro"!!!

Just wanted to let you know that for one week, July 28-August 2 (with a Sunday strip on August 24), I will be taking over art and writing duties for Bizarro thanks to the kindness of the strip's creator Dan Piraro, who took time off to fight crime or whatever it is he does when he dons a cape and cowl, jumps out his apartment window and says, "Don't wait up."

The strip will still appear under the name Bizarro but will feature my own comics and the website for my webcomic Medium Large (which is still in what web designers like to call in the 'unmitigated disaster' phase of construction). Dan will also be reviewing each strip the day of publication on his blog, where he will surely pepper his critiques of my comics with such bon mots as "mere dilettante," "a national disgrace" and "this bastard has ruined me." I'll also be blogging on the copious mistakes I made with each strip.

This is the first time Dan has used a guest cartoonist in the history of his strip. By the end of my run we'll see if it will be his last.

Once again, I want to thank Dan for asking me and spending several hours teaching me all the wonders of Photoshop, (including the glory that is "multiply" layering) and giving this amateur the inside scoop on the necessities of comic strip publishing. I also want to thank Evelyn Smith for walking me through some color processing issues and dealing with all my questions about formatting. And a big thank you to my editor and head honcho Brendon Burford for giving the go-ahead and always listening to my rambling, circuitous comments and queries. I owe all of you beers.


Sara Benincasa said...


yellojkt said...

I'm sure you can teach Dan a few things. Like how to namecheck baby boomer toys for cheap nostalgic chuckles.

Robert said...

This should be especially fun, since I'm sure the Seattle Post Intelligencer (which runs "Bizarro") won't say anything about a guest cartoonist.

Readers will either assume Dan's had a stroke or has suddenly seen the light and come to his senses.

This is your chance to show Middle America what mescaline is really like!

DrBear said...

Oh, so THAT explains the four guys on horses who just rode through here!

Neil J Murphy... said...

I can hardly wait to see where you place your first firecracker and slice of pie.