Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sure Signs You Accidentally Eliminated the Keebler Elves

• When emptying vacuum bag little hats fall out.
• Lawnmower suddenly starts spraying Cheez-It crackers everywhere.
• Dog returns from walk with "uncommonly good" breath.
• Sound of mousetrap slamming followed by faint scent of fudge.
• Receive "thank you" card and cash reward from Nabisco.
• Last thing heard before backing car out of driveway is "Ernie! Watch out!"
• Every time sprinklers turn on you detect high-pitch gurgling.
• Pulled weed comes complete with tiny sign, operating bakery and attached plumbing.
• Long processional of Hot Wheels hearses in hallway.
• Start getting pelted with pebbles thrown by gnomes, sprites and Rice Krispies triplets.

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