Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Thin White Duke and The Dark Lady...Together?!?

This...this is just seven kinds of awful. Why, Davie Jones? Why?

From The Cher Show, by way of Popdose.


Don said...

Did you mean David Bowie, not Davie Jones?

Joe said...

David Bowie's real name is David Jones.

D.B. Echo said...

don, they are the same person! Mr. Jones had to come up with a pseudonym when some other rock star appeared with the name of Davey Jones. David Bowie deferring to the lead singer of the Monkees...the 60's sure were a weird time.

So now we can link Bob Hope to The Tree That Killed Sonny Bono in five steps!

TimWB said...

Bowie said in an interview that he didn't remember 1974, even though he had won a Grammy.
This is why.

Kevin Moore said...

Man, that is awful - and I love that song. But the recording has only a little bit of disco tinge, much more funk. This is just bad porn disco.

Nice wig, too, Cher.