Friday, March 28, 2008

And Starring Nathan Lane as Chigurh!

In response to a line in the final panel of yesterday's Sally Forth, in which Ted almost purchases tickets to a Coen Brothers-inspired Broadway extravaganza, Comic Curmudgeon reader Dingo penned the following lyrics:

No Country for Old Men: The Musical

Could be…
Who knows…
Evil lurks on the plains
Way out west
On the range
Watch how it grows…

Who’s he?
Fear grows…
Coming from
Devil’s lair
Major badness
Oy! That hair!
“Hamill” it crows…

Could it be?
Yes, it could!
Evil’s coming, coming good.
Name of Chigurh
Bab’s son-in-law Josh is cute
Furry ’stache, butt to boot!
But I demure…

Moss has cash
From the truck
Back to trailer
Wife he fuck
Now on the run…
Chigurh trail you like a ghost
Son, you’re toast
Give it up now…

Ed Tom Bell
Slowin’ down
Liz wear gramma’s wedding gown
Wait! Don’t go there…
Chigurh, won’t you be the man
Kill that jackbitch, Lynn Johnston
Everyone cheer…

Moss cross the border
Moss swim the Grande River
C’mon, deliver to me!

People dyin’
Quite a scene
Chigurh uses
Cow machine
Hole in the head…
Deputy goes
Man in car
Woody Harrelson (such a star)
Oops! Carla Jean…

Chigurh, he lingers
The sheriff next he’ll finger
But spidey tinglers
He free!

Could it be?
Yes, it could!
Chigurh’s coming, neighborhood
Maybe tonight
Maybe tonight….

Also from Comics Curmudgeon--in regards to Josh's link to my blog post email exchange with Pearls Before Swine's Stephan Pastis--comes one of the best backhanded compliments I have ever received, courtesy of a man/woman named "Rhymes with Puck":

After reading the blog post, I would say that my respect for Ces Marciuliano - before this post known to me as only ‘whoever the jack-off is who writes Sally Forth’ - has gone up infinitely, since of course I had no respect for him until now.

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The Casey said...

I thought you were in pretty tight over there. Some of the comments surprised me, knowing that you pop in over there.