Friday, August 24, 2007

Beware My Long Island Accent, Radio Listeners

Yesterday I did my first radio interview for NPR (well, for any radio station, actually). It was in response to a Sunday strip I did a few weeks back about comic strips becoming far too serious in their topics and tone and was part of an overall tribute to the upcoming passing of a character on "Funky Winkerbean" (the NPR station broadcasts out of Ohio, the home of the Winkerbean cartoonist).

I rambled for a solid 20 minutes but cannot recall exactly what I said. I mentioned something about Hagar the Horrible discussing sarin gas and Japanese death cults ("I'm telling you, Helga, Aum Shinrikyo is the true light!"). I think I said that if you ever see the characters in "Crock" complaining about subprime loans then you know that cartoonist is about to lose his house. I might have closed by saying that as a kid I identified greatly with Charie Brown, although I had a more varied wardrobe and didn't suffer from prepubescent alopecia. And somewhere in the midde I casually said "Mallard Fillmore" is like that horrible uncle you have to see on holidays who launches into a 45-minute, bile-fueled screed about how Lapplanders moved into his neighborhood.

I don't know what they will use but by September's end when the show is broadcast I'll have once more successfully embarrassed my blood and corporate families.

From now on I'm communicating soley through semiphore.


Jodi said...

so... how is 40? ok? I'm going to be 40 in october and i'm not sure i'm looking forward to it. if my husband, who is younger than me, refers to me as a cougar, i might lose it.

Andy 3000 said...

Friggin' Lapps... Chasing each other around with birch switches and letting their reindeer crap all over your lawn.. I hates 'em, I tells ya!

I found the days leading up to my 40th to be quite depressing but when I awoke on the actual day and didn't feel noticeably different, my mood improved immeasurably.

2fs said...

First it's the Lapps, then it's the Jutes, then the whole damned neighborhood goes Frisian.