Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You Know What Would Be Great? If You Were to Fuck Up The Strip And Your Career!

Another "fan" letter:

For some strange reason, I find myself addicted to your strip about this constantly smirking little example of corporate perfection and middle class feminism--and I don't know why. Maybe it's because I'm fascinated with its social and political subtext, which is thoroughly conservative. To my mind, she's thoroughly obnoxious. If I worked in her office, I wouldn't trust her for a second. But I see you're making changes--may I suggest some more? Maybe it'll help break my addiction, or at least give me some solid reasons for holding on to it.

Let Sally have a torrid affair with her boss Jowdy, breaking up her marriage. After he dumps her and forces her out of her job, she becomes embittered and starts reading Marxist and anarchist literature. She undergoes a complete conversion, and joins a left-wing terrorist underground organization dedicated to destroying capitalism. She changes her name to Red Sally, and plots to bomb her old corporate office. Caught by Homeland Security, she ends up in federal prison. Your strip then spends the next twenty years illustrating her life in stir.

There--now THAT'S something worth following every day!!


2fs said...

Well it would be if Abby from "Judge Parker," June from "Rex Morgan, MD," and maybe Blondie ended up in the cell with her.

hungrydog said...

Wow, this suggestion is inspired. Perhaps you can continue this parallel universe strip on the web? lol

universaladdress said...

ho ho! and then she could impeach bu$h! and blow up mikkkro$oft!

D.B. Echo said...

I think you should have a storyline where Ted gets his job back, but discovers he has cancer. Then Sally gets cancer. Her boss gets cancer. Their dayghter discovers that she is adopted, and that both of her birthparents died of cancer. Sally has lunch with a friend who dies of cancer at the table. And the band director loses his hearing.

What?...It's been done?