Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Unpublished Ted Forth Dialogue

"Look, Sal! I'm caulking! I"M CAULKING!"

"I'm just so garrulous today."

"Wait! Nobody move! I smell honeysuckle..."

"Now THAT's a rammekin!"

"If I ruled the world I would be making some bold color choices..."

"Socks? With sandals? Why not just put on a trash bag and call it an ensemble?"

"Let the the tea steep for three minutes."

"I can't stop trembing..."

"In the summer I tan to a fine nutmeg."

"Oh, Nutter Butters. You'll be my downfall yet."

"I'm reading this amazing book on Olivia de Havilland..."

"Oh...Oh, God! They put milk in my latte..."

"That football tourney was wonderful. Simply wonderful."

"I...I...I could have sworn Blue Velvet was the sequel to National Velvet..."

"Where are the tweezers?"

"You gaze out on this beautiful autumn day and tell me it doesn't make YOU cry!"

"In a word, delicious!"


Karl said...

"You know how calico cats can get."

I give up. How calico CAN cats get?

Francesco Marciuliano said...

Yeah, I was never crazy about the wording on that phrase. Why I then started the list with that one is anybody's guess.