Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Ingenuity of Sitcoms

Tonight on The Bill Engvall Show:
Bill has the chance to take his family to Hawaii for vacation, and everyone's thrilled. But when a tumor is discovered on the family dog, Bill must decide whether or not to spend the vacation money on an operation that may not work. Hilarity ensues.

Summer 2005 in Sally Forth:
Ted and Sally are about to go on their dream vacation to Paris when they learn their cat needs an emergency colon operation. The Forths must decide whether or not to spend the vacation money on their pet instead. Hilarity ensues.

Of course, the fact that I may be inspiring a sitcom the likes of The Bill Engvall Show may speak to just how uninspiring my writing truly is.

Thanks to for the heads-up.


Mac said...

I'm an Atlanta Braves fan, which means that I am constantly assaulted with promotions for said benighted television program. I am not happy about this. TBS: Very Stupid.

Andy 3000 said...

Not that I wouldn't put it past them to steal your idea, but it's not like it's the most original idea in the world.

Just saying.

Francesco Marciuliano said...

Oh, I know. That's why i posted it. It seems funny. There are actualy quite a few ideas that keep cropping up on TV. Back in the 70's sitcoms there was the "freeloading guest," "the neighbor's dog in your care that jumped out the window and got lost or died" and, of course, "the appearance of Sammy Davis Jr."

Jodi said...

Oh can Sammy Davis Jr. please please please make an appearance in Sally Forth!

D.B. Echo said...

Hah! I beat you with that plot! I was supposed to go to Ireland in March of 2005, but then I found out in February that my dog was dying of cancer, and I cancelled my plans so I could spend my vacation time with her!

...Actually, that was an incredibly sad and traumatic episode in my life. I recorded it all on my blog. Oh, GOD, isn't it enough that Ted Forth's unemployment story is paralleling my own? Must you copy every tragedy from my life? WHO ARE YOU? WHERE ARE THE HIDDEN CAMERAS???

Sorry. I'm...better...wait, is that a hidden microphone???

yellojkt said...

Check into the premise of Corey In The House and see if it remind you of any Teenage Girl Holders Of Higher Office.